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SASA provides support, guidance, and education to men, women, and children to live a life free from domestic and sexual violence.

At SASA in Hastings Nebraska, we offer a variety of services to help educate, advocate and eliminate domestic violence in South Central Nebraska.


SASA provides support, guidance and education to men, women and children to live a life free from domestic and sexual violence.




24-Hour Hotline

Our crisis hotline provides survivors and the community with support, information, and referrals. All calls are confidential and callers have the option to remain anonymous. * Please note that our 24-hour hotline is not a direct line for immediate assistance. If emergency support is needed please call 911 immediately.



Medical Advocacy

Advocates provide assistance and support to survivors and their families in the hospital emergency room or any other medical facility after an assault. Advocates can be contacted for this service 24 hours a day by calling our hotline number, 877-322-7272.


Legal Advocacy

Advocates provide information regarding protection and harassment orders. Advocates can also attend court and connect survivors to legal resources.


Intervention Program

SASA coordinates an accredited Men’s Education Group program for men who choose to use violence in their relationships.


Community Education

Staff are available to speak regarding intimate partner violence and sexual violence awareness and prevention, healthy relationships, personal safety, stalking, dating violence, and sex trafficking.


Ongoing Support

On-going support is offered both individually and through support groups. Advocates also have information about numerous resources within the community and are able to make referrals.

Our peer supported group classes are opportunities for SASA clients and supporters to participate in a variety of extracurricular programs that support healing and self-growth. These activities will vary from Zumba to Art class.


All SASA services are available to teens experiencing violence although some services may require parental consent. SASA also provides information and support to teens so they can become aware of the services and can spot the red flags of an unhealthy relationship. Learn More Here...



learn more here with a list of resources

Emergency Support

Emergency Shelter

Our shelter strives to provide an individual’s or a family’s basic needs when they leave their home due to intimate partner violence, sexual violence, stalking, dating violence, and sex trafficking.


Emergency Transportation

Emergency transportation to shelter is available 24 hours a day. Transportation is also provided to necessary resource agencies, medical and court appointments.


Our Mission

To be a source of help, hope, safety, and inspiration to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We embrace and focus on the story of each individual with deep concern and care in order to understand, facilitate, advocate, and support.

Our Partners

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