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How can you tell if you are in an abusive relationship?

  • Are you afraid of the person you're going out with?
  • Do they call you names; make you feel stupid, or tell you that you can't do anything right?
  • Do they say that no one else would ever go out with you?
  • Does the person you're involved with tell you where you can and can't go or who you can and can't talk to?
  • Do you feel cut off from your friends and family?
  • Do you feel if you say no to sexual activities that you will get in trouble? Do you feel pushed or forced into being sexual?
  • Does the person say it's your fault when they hurt you?
  • Does this person shove, grab, hit, pinch, hold you down or kick you?
  • Is the person you're seeing really nice sometimes and really mean at other time (almost like they have two personalities)?
  • Does this person make frequent promises to change? Do they pretend that they never hurt you? Or do they tell you that you are "making too big a deal" out of it?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," your partner is being abusive towards you. You may want to look at your relationship more closely and find out more about teen dating violence.

Resources for more information regarding dating violence:

... Or call your local Crisis Center -


220 S. Burlington, Suite 4

Hastings, NE 68901

402-463-5810 or 1-877-322-7272

Calls are answered 24-hours a day!

All calls are kept confidential.

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