The Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SASA) is committed to providing support, guidance and education to men, women and children to promote a life free of domestic and sexual violence.

All services for victims are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL.


Besides the prevention and intervention work that SASA does, we recruit the efforts of the communities we serve to help us stop the violence. We cannot carry out our mission without the help of everyone in the community.

SASA recognizes that domestic violence not only is a crime, but is a violation of the most basic human right. Therefore, we strive to respect the dignity of self-worth of the individuals we serve. SASA believes that everyone deserves to live a life free from domestic and sexual assault.

Sexual and Domestic Violence affects many aspects of a victim's life. This is why SASA works in collaboration with victims, their families, and their communities. It is a complex issue that requires us to work closely with an individual's support system to ensure their safety.


Everyone has the right to live without fear, abuse, oppression, control and violence.
Domestic violence does not discriminate. It affects all classes, genders, faiths, races, sexual orientations, ages and abilities.
Domestic violence consists of emotional, financial, physical, psychological, sexual and spiritual abuse. It is about having power and control over others and believing you are entitled to treat others this way.
Violence is a learned behavior. It is a deliberate choice. It is not stress, addiction or anger control.